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In the eyes of the beholder

I’m using these glasses here to portray a certain message. Do you know that any individual in this world can place them on there eyes and see something completely different? At any time someone random can do and completely know wholeheartedly that someone else cannot see exactly what I can. This is kind of like our hands, we all have a specific design if you look closely. If I were to graze my finger, when it recovered, the design      would be different to pre-injury. I was reading a book today about the legal system and it got me thinking about how we all look at someone and see something different. Where one may see beauty, another will see something unattractive. Likewise, one could see potential and another see failure. Isn’t it interesting that God has given us all a set of eyes personally and individually, so we need not rely on others visuals? When you give someone the opportunity to see through your eyes, you cannot expect them to see everything alike. Just remember, God has given you a set of eyes for a reason. Use them!

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