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Family isn’t enough part 2

Part 1

This morning I found myself reading the book of Samuel. Learning about Hannah and what she did. It reminded me of yesterday with Ruth. God was showing me another virtuous woman who put God before their family. She was a woman who was ridiculed and embarrassed by someone who saw here as the competition. Elkanah her husband lover her so much and still loved her even though she was barren.

She prayed to God for a child while barren and promised to give the child to God for ever. God visited her when the couple came together, for he remembered her. She was true to her word and brought the child back when he was of age. She could have run away with the child for not having anything but God – the provider of this joy was the source. She gave the child up and STILL remained faithful to God. Hannah was blessed with several more boys and girls also. This was because she stayed faithful. Family isn’t enough to stop someone going strong for Christ so don’t let it.


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  2. goldheathen says:

    This doesn’t strike you as an absolutely horrendous thing for a “loving merciful” god to demand of his child? What kind of deity would demand such a thing, and what kind of mother would accede to such a demand?!

    • Thanks for your comment, I actually like the question. The great thing about it is God didn’t demand anything. The Mother chose to do it of her own accord. She was greatly blessed and so was the family.

      Thanks for comment.

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