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The eternal vocation

Reading recently has brought me to a place. I’ve been thinking long and hard about how long this service to God goes? If this service goes beyond life on earth then it is an eternal vocation. Serve God for eternity. I asked myself this question this morning “Why do we place things in front of what is important?” It was complimented by the song I was listening to who was saying their are so many distractions.

Recently God has been showing me that we create the distractions. God told his people in the Old Testament to serve him alone and not to serve over God’s. what he was saying may be taken any number of ways, What God was saying was focus on me at all times. When someone begins to focus on others his eyes can no longer be on God. God created us physically in a way that we can only focus all our attention on one thing at a time. we are not able to focus on something to the left of us and still show the same focus on something to the right. We make decisions to listen to him, or bear the inevitable consequence. The road to Christ is thin, it is a thin road because individuals walk it not groups. 

I’m no longer allowing other distractions from standing in my path. We have the ability and the power to walk through anything standing in the way of our relationships with God. God never instructed to put anything away which we couldn’t did he?

Focus on God and nothing else.

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