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Faith’s backup plan

What is a backup plan? How does a backup plan tie in with faith? To actually think long and hard about the phrase ‘Faith’s backup plan’ it leads me to see it as an oxymoron. If I created a contingency plan for everything I purposed to do In God’s name, I would provide myself with many obstacles. Despite it being very time-consuming, it would take much time to enforce. I’ve learned that God doesn’t take to well to backup plans…Quite the opposite.

God has shown me that placing my trust in him should be a singular not a plural. this is similar to what I referred to days ago, when talking about separating yourself from god. Attempting to have faith in God, but also devoting time to other sources contradicts all the faith I have in God.

Faith’s backup plan effectively is unbelief. Faith isn’t a team sport, and by this I have learned that Faith alone is what draws you closer to God, not creating a contingency plan for a potential “what if” scenario. Learning to trust in God solely is my aim daily.

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