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There are days you wake up and despite thanking God of a new day, there is nothing you may feel to say. What do you do? Do you get on with life, or do you stop and say something just to say it. The Bible talks about Peter speaking out of term when God roared from the heavens. There are many people who ignore God altogether.
Finding your own action to do is part o your walk. I want to talk to God, do instead of me asking him to talk to me everyday, I learned from him that I need to talk to him regardless. Regardless of whether I hear his voice in the morning or not. I want to get his attention. I want to build my faith. I know from my experiences that trying with God builds character. Trying with God allows out faith to increase.

Faith is a choice we choose to work on or let whither. Christ spoke about the sower, who sowed seed in several different surroundings. The surrounding that produced best was the good ground. The ground that was willing to grow.

God Bless

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