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Back To Greek Day #1

If you are following my bike riding series, you will know from that I stress the hard parts of stopping something for so long and then aiming to come back and start again. Greek was another thing I had put down for a few months and I guess it was a good idea for me not to go to Greece a few months back because in terms of the lingo, I was nowhere near I wanted to be.

Learning Greek For Beginners Here’s a picture of me looking over my work of previous months, becoming re-acquainted with the language and remembering the different letters of the alphabet, different rules about specific letters (if you zoom in to this picture you can see a rule I wrote down about the letter “s” which is sigma in Greek).

 To be honest I didn’t do as much as I thought I would but it was mainly based on review and re-establishing the work I had done previously. I only spent a little while looking over the notes (I normally aim to practice for 45 minutes with a countdown timer running – this increases intensity and forces me (well it should do) to work at my best due to the fact there is a clock counting down). 


I really did get the understanding back when I looked over my previous notes and I guess it is a good platform to start from. The main purpose for learning the Greek language is to take my Bible study to the next level, therefore I am not using something like Rosetta Stone or something like that. I am currently using a video class based on learning Bible Greek. It comprises of short 4-5 minute videos which I aim to do daily.

More updates in the future. Please et me know if you have any tips which can help me learn more efficiently within the scope of what I have described.

Take care. 

After X Amount Of Days I Got Back On The Bike!

I wrote an article yesterday about sorting out priorities, you can click here to read it if you haven’t already but please come back and finish off this man on bikearticle. You can kind of say the two are linked because when I got out of bed this morning (around 5:30 AM), I had just finished reading the Bible, which I aim to do every day before I start my day. I headed over to my laptop and was thinking about the blog post I was going to write today (This is another thing I am trying to sort out because for the second year running, I am failing to complete a post a day – How hard can it really be?).

Anyway I started thinking about new priorities (which are really old) that I wanted to reinstate. Now I started thinking about my first online callings. One was my blog and I am taking more time with it and giving it more of my attention, regardless of whatever other things I am trying to do. The point is, I definitely have the time, It just comes down to my priorities. As I sat down, another one immediately can into my mind…”Get back on the bike.” Like that it was back and it is something I am looking to start doing seriously again. As I write these very words, another thing shot to the front of my memory which is language practice. I did think of typing tomorrow I will start again but there is no time like the present, I will get back into the swing of things today and perhaps write a blog post about it in the future. This blog post today isn’t about business but I find it hard to walk over this point without using the words “passive income.” What I am actually doing here is taking actions and by me doing these things, more things are coming back to me without little or no work. All I am doing currently is writing today’s blog post but I already have two potential articles now for tomorrow and the day after (getting back on the bike again day#1 & back to Greek day #1). Guess what? This seems like a good stream of investment because I have now thought (while typing) of a daily review/oversight of my day of biking and my day of Greek. That is how easy action multiplies! If I did this every day, I would have a full year’s worth of content for my blog and would complete my task of posting every day.

Like I said, this post isn’t about business but you can see how the principle of business are transferable. Staying with this theme just slightly, I was lying in bed around 3/4 AM thinking about how great & timeless Jesus was. I’m a firm believer in the fact all plans including business, life, wealth etc are found in the Bible. I was thinking about Business and how important marketing/exposure is, it really is the most important (Yes more important than the good product). I started thinking about how Jesus had such a big impact. Firstly, you should know I do believe Jesus had the best product on the market but this isn’t enough. If people don’t even accept free products today, this alone shows you product is not enough. Jesus didn’t say – “I have the best product on the market, everyone will come to me.” He actually did the opposite! He travelled around Israel teaching freely about his product and showing people real life examples of the product. Tried and Tested. Just to relate it to business I used the word product. I know some people may find offence in that but even if it was a product, it’s free anyway. Moving on, he not only travelled himself, he sent people out before him and with him. Ladies and gentlemen – please tell me what one of the biggest marketing strategies out there today is? Affiliate marketing! I’m merely using this to prove my previous point that these strategies are nested in the Bible one way or another.

It’s funny how my article post about getting back on the bike has turned into various other things but there you have it. Nearly 1000 words in less than thirty minutes all original. Since I completely sabotaged this article (unintentionally in many ways), I can do nothing else but tell you to look out for my upcoming article about getting back on the bike day #1 (now written) which will talk more about my bike experience and the struggles that came along.

Riding my bike is not in the top two things on my list so I was not riding before writing.

Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think and you can always share this post for free if you feel it was inspiring or helpful.



Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered why it was later in the first week of mankind’s creation that God decided to create man?

God created for us a blueprint. I was listening to something recently and it made me think…God had man on his mind, way before he created the lights, water and trees etc. This didn’t mean he created them first however. I’ve recently been trying to take one day at a time. Living in the present. I can’t change the past and I can’t get to the future without living out my present days. The blueprint God was showing us was do things in order. Be present minded. Creating mankind with no light, no food, no where to live would have been problematic. God handled the important things and then created mankind, who then had a place to Dwell.

There’s no point focusing on what is going to happen in a year because it’s not guaranteed, more importantly you have to take care of the days which lead up to this next year.

Family Fellowship

The most important fellowship there is after self-fellowship is family fellowship. I think this is especially the case if you refer to families with young children. Young children need to be nurtured in the things of God. Ask yourself the question, what are the things your young children hear most in the day, is it the audio Bible or everyday TV? What are you talking about around your children, things of God or things of the flesh? These are things daily which shape your child’s growth.
As a minister, a minister’s first calling is to that of his household. No man can minister to the church, if he has not first ministered/ministering to his household. He is not even qualified to minister to the church, if he can’t rule his house properly. One of the ways he needs to rule is through education. Of his wife and of his children. Then when he can consistently do this and show that he can teach and order a family, he is able to give education to the bigger family which is the church.

Family fellowship is so vital, not just for the young children but for the adults. Never forget your place in structure. Adults need children and children need adults. When was the last time you played a Bible game, listened to preaching or merely read the Bible together with your family? If it wasn’t recently, there is a serious problem. Think of children like treasures, treasure given by God which are potentially corruptible. We can give God back his children in like manner as treasure, or we can allow the world to damage and corrupt our children and make them worthless. I feel more than indebted to God for my child due to the manner I had my child, and for this reason, I don’t want to allow my child to become worthless. I want to raise my daughter in the way I want her to become, teaching her to behave and act as a daughter of the King of Kings. I should raise and teach my daughter to be royalty.

Family fellowship is vital to me, even more so due to the fact I do not go to a church building. Fellowship with family and friends is essential. Bible teaching, praying, devotion, action, these are but a few things we need to learn and show to our children consistently. If we allow other things to take precedence and authority, we may lose our children forever.    

God is faithful

God is a very faithful person. When God said he is going to do something, he means it and he does it. Reading through the first few chapters in 1 Kings, what we see is a transition from King David-King Solomon. We see how Solomon begins to reign and the things he purposes to do. He begins after some time to build the temple and also his home. We see two encounters with God and the one I focus on today is the latter occurrence. When God had reaffirmed to Solomon, he would be with him and his line as long as they continued to devote their lives to Him.

What I started to realise is God will keep you in the realm of your success, as long as you stay faithful to him, once you begin to start doing what you want to do, he can no longer source you. Many times in the past I have moved in my own desires and will and the reliance I had in God was gone. Not only did the reliance go, however, the holding God had, which was holding me and driving me forward was gone. Not because God did not want me to succeed but because I had removed his hand. It was only when I realised this and through God’s rebuke (either by education, correction, rebuke or reproving) I once again called on the name of the Lord and wanted him to be my guide.

 For those of you who had been living a life of joy in the Lord, it is not the only reason, but I am sure it is a common reason why many people’s joy is cut short.