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Middle East Outlook – What is next for the Middle East?

This month has been a very interesting month in regards to power and authority in the Middle East. The battle in the Middle East and surrounding area is not a new one, although we have only recently started to see and hear of preventative action. We have seen dictators in the Middle East and the East in general ruling for many years – in many cases decades (all gone un-noticed, or at least unpublicized). Middle East Region 

The question one should ask themselves is why? Why are things now so bad in these places, when these things have been going on for years? I don’t think anyone can really answer this question and provide a reasonable solution as to why for many years these things were allowed to happen unchecked. This leads me to believe and I am sure many others that perhaps there are ulterior motives. Perhaps money, perhaps a previous deal has expired, I don’t know but anyone with reasonable sense should come to some sort of similar conclusions. What we need to remember is this is not the first outbreak in the Eastern world. We came across Egypt & Libya not long ago – both nations which were headed by dictators for longer than twenty years. These were men the Western world made deals with, invested in but are the same people who after some time, these agreements must have elapsed.

What Next For The Middle East?

I predict more and more after the likeness of Egypt & Libya, maybe things will go back to Africa, to places such as Zimbabwe but who knows? Syria seems to be a more trying situation than any of the other two countries above. Countries are more reluctant it seems to make a move. David Cameron’s government just told him no, Obama has looked like a man without power in the US And France seem to be back-pedalling. I did hear recently that it may be down to investments but I cannot speak too much about this because I have not looked into it as of yet.
What is definitely evident is the West are cleaning up dictators and I’m sure making hefty gains by doing so. The backlash is however that who is going to power in place of these dictators are people who seem like those they took out of power. Perhaps new deals have been made and the clock has restarted.

Time Will Tell.


Short-cuts Cut-short

Billions of people are interested in get rich quick schemes, in making money quickly, in taking the shortcut to success. There is no shortcut to success, there are ways to achieve temporal success but not full time success. I’m here to tell you today that shortcuts cut-short. They cut short your plans, they cut short your reward and they cut short your education. When you are looking for short term gain, you are destined for long term failure. Quick profits leave in like manner they came.

Is Sandy really over?

The New York storm what saved the president his job?

Sandy as its been called is well over now but the long lasting effects are far from Gone. Was the way President Obama handled this situation the reason he got four more years and not four more days? Was the fact an opposition politician thanked Barack Obama for the way in which he handled the situation? Was it down to job data which came out, which was much better than previous months showed? Was he just better! I don’t think he would ever admit it but Mr Romney was probably beaten from the beginning. It is much harder to become president, than it is to maintain your presidency.

It is interesting how world news covers a situation as it happens and then when ratings drop they move on. It does really make you think they are not really interested in the well being but the ratings. When the next big story lands, the competitive nature rears its head and reporters are shipped off to the next location. They spoke about Sandy for a few days and then it seemed the election became more important. Are we forgetting the thousands of people who lost homes and even more severely lost lives? The news shows politicians around, and then make it seem like a good job was done, what about after? Don’t they want to show the real aftermath due to the fact it may be shown that they are not really doing as much as we think?

This is something that will continue to happen in life, while consumers allow the governments they stand under to abuse them. People are abused every day and they are so used to it, they keep on struggling.
Whatever the reason, we have another four years of Barack Obama on the world stage.  



Savile is gone but life goes on…

This edition focuses on the BBC’s starlet in the 60’s Jimmy Savile. Jimmy Savile, who raised millions for charity and was a public figure for many years ago. This article will go much deeper than just one man and I feel rightly so. One thing to mention quite swiftly is Jimmy Savile is dead, he died last year and has no way of representing himself, with new statements or views on the recent accusations made against him and the more accusations which are waiting in the future. We profess that the UK is a democracy, so in trying times, this is when we are tested. For people of a certain age, they may never know how famous Mr Savile was, neither will they have first hand knowledge of how times were during these times. The 60’s were a very interesting time, the fact things like contraception became so widespread in this era, it shows us the kind of lifestyle people were probably living.

Right now we may be in a specific time in regards to analysis, Mr Savile has died, ITV have released their documentary on his affairs and given people the space to speak about what was allegedly done to them, the police are receiving daily additions to the hundreds of enquiries people have made and the story goes on. I feel this is the best opportunity to comment on this situation and perhaps I will do more writing as time permits in the future.

What we have is a man who had much star power and seemed to exploit it. We must be very mindful due to the fact everyone has their own agenda. ITV are somewhat rivals to the BBC, so they may look to exaggerate things in order for them to look bad. I have an agenda so everyone must be careful. For me I use a situation every month and express my views, thoughts, facts and opinions based on the matter.

 ITV portrayed a message in my opinion which was based on a BBC cover up in simple form, claiming many people aided Mr Savile in his desirous affairs. This may be through giving him the space to carry out acts, keeping quiet, providing young girls, drawing young girls and many other things. One thing we did learn from the documentary was that this cover up (if there was, goes much further than the BBC). Like in all situations, someone has to be the sacrificial lamb. It seems this time the BBC are the ones to bear the burden. We have seen how an enquiry is expected, which I have never really understood. We claim to be all equal before the law, however one man is tried before his peers and another receives an enquiry. This doesn’t mean sentences will not inevitably be passed however there is clear double standards in regards to the legal system. We might have heard some of the descriptions being thrown around “undoubtedly one of the most prolific sex offenders of recent history”.  If proven to be guilty he would be. The BBC may have covered up these issues, thinking bringing him down would be bad for business but there are times when issues far outweigh business and something needs to be done. The onus must not be solely placed at the BBC or even at Savile, what about others Savile worked for? What about family, friends, acquaintances? What about the schools who let Savile take children from their premises? There will never be solely one person to blame because many may have seen this potential predator as an opportunity too big to miss. Even this morning we are hearing of more complaints said to be in the pipeline, this morning a family member came out talking about what had been done to her on several occasions, only to be pushed back. We know of an investigation a few years back which ultimately came to nothing.

Jimmy Savile could have been tried in a court of law many a years ago, for whatever reason he was not. This doesn’t mean times have gone, there are still others who potentially aided crimes and profited due to his surge to the top. This situation just highlights the fact that years may go by, people do not forget, and people are always held accountable. When I have read article recently and watched programmes about this issue, the people who are now coming forward saying they should have done something, the people which claim they knew and didn’t do anything, this does not surprise me and I don’t feel like they are doing a service now. People have been damaged! The time these people needed strong people to help them, they stood back and revelled in the good times they witnessed. It’s a disgrace that some can come on TV and act shocked,  be tearful, when they are not the victim. Many have lived with these thoughts for years and stood back. The police have claimed there are three categories concerning this matter and people should be aware, people have already been arrested in connection and I believe many more will follow.

50 years ago people made their name with Jimmy Savile and some profess to know what was going on. Some profess to have witnessed Jimmy Savile molesting children. We will see what happens in the future and see who shoulders the blame for any transgressions. We should look to see justice prevail and help any victims in this matter.

John Terry, the FA and racism

It’s been a few days since the FA’s appeal period for John terry expired. I guess now is the time a real analysis can be given over what has actually happened as a whole. It was a long year coming and perhaps way to long for everyone involved. First and foremost, lets differentiate between the court case and the FA query. The court is a very different atmosphere where justice is missed on many occasions. This isn’t to say that the court made the wrong decision however money often prevails in court.

Many were watching the video on YouTube moments after the game and were making their judgements. It seemed pretty clear what John Terry said and of course Terry couldn’t really deny what he said. Terry’s defence had some clear flaws in it regardless. I’m not going to go into this too deeply but Terry claims he was asking Ferdinand a question, the video doesn’t back his claims. Ferdinand is not looking at him which shows that the likelihood of a conversation being shared is rare. We also saw John Obi Mikel in view who turns and clearly hears something in my opinion. If we take the distance and the facial expressions Mikel expresses we can seriously believe he heard what was said and chose to plead the fifth.

Instead of moving on with the issue and dealing with it swiftly, a year expired and much fuel has been added to the fire. Now lets observe the punishment. A few hundred thousand and a four match ban. I say few with no undervalue of the money, in respect to Mr Terry, the money is futile. What the FA are saying is racism, is one more game severe than a serious tackle . The FA effectively took away John Terry’s pocket-money for a week and gave him a red card. This is all in isolation, not taking Mr Suarez into consideration. For a millionaire, a few hundred thousand really means little financially. Racism is a serious issue. In the workplace this could see an employee sacked. John Terry is still Chelsea captain, which should have been taken the moment he chose not to appeal his punishment. It was in my opinion very cowardly for John Terry to first through his management company claim disappointment for the FA not ruling similar to the courts. John Terry should rest in the fact that the courts didn’t find him guilty so he can have some sort of defence to cling to.

Most people who saw what most did. cannot really defend him even though many can come and provide character witness for him. This was on thing I found annoying. The many people claiming John Terry wasn’t racist or they have known him for so long. In these cases that is very unimportant. Whether someone has never made statements before, that doesn’t mean they can’t do it.
Secondly it was also cowardly for John Terry to remove himself from the England team, claiming his position became untenable. I don’t really know what he was playing at. He played while the case was going through court, while the allegations were in waiting to be tried and right on the eve of his FA hearing, he says he can no longer hold the position. A cowardly way for Terry to act.

In closing with so much going on in the eye of racism, the punishments must be more severe. We should be looking for double-digit bans not single a amount of games. This kind of behaviour is serious and serious punishments must be dealt.