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The Art of Searching

When I think of the word quest, the art of searching is not something I think of. I wouldn’t consider a quest an art, this did make me think however. An art is something which is close to you, something you dedicate yourself too. An art is something you continually develop to increase skill and final product. I realised that we do not have many quests in life. There is a difference between looking and searching. When you lose your keys, you look all over the house for them. When you lose something much deeper however like  a life, you delve much deeper into a search.

How many of you can say you’ve really experienced a quest in life? The more I think about this definition, the more I realise many haven’t experienced this. To really seek something out. In Psalms 42 we read “My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?” A desire to meet God is present, the Man of God was seeking to know when the time of visitation was. A wavering thought for God is much less personal than a soul who is hungry for an encounter. The word art is important here as it really identifies for us how much effort must be placed upon the activity. I recently saw an advert about people who were seen in the public for specific reasons (Sports, Athletics etc). I started thinking to myself, do you think these people only work on the day they come on TV? Substantial effort is put in, far long before we ever see them on TV. The disciples didn’t just get the boldness to start acting from the beginning of Acts, they were training throughout the Gospels to ready themselves for what was ahead.

How far does your quest go? Is the quest your on in life subject to the place where you are born? Are you willing to move far away from all you have known to continue your quest. My brother lives in America, on pursuit of a dream, he decided to take his quest to the next level, by leaving his society and going somewhere new. A quest is shaped by the hard decisions in life, to go or not go? The decision many make daily. So how far does your quest stem?

Our father Abraham decided to leave his society, on pursuit of a relationship with Yah. The Bible says “when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God (Hebrews 11:8-10).” Not willing to be subject to his environment, he left his whole family in the end, to start a new family. While his name was yet Abram, he left and became Abraham: which is the beginning of a multitude, or the father of many people.

A decision is what distinguishes the searchers and the onlookers, and we see this clearly from the book of Ezra. We see in the scriptures that “Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments. (Ezra 7:10)”

Make the decision!

Feed The Five Thousand (Nine Thousand) – You Can Do It

Reading through the scriptures this morning, I read through two accounts of Jesus feeding thousands and came up with the title “You can do it – feed the five thousand.” Both accounts came in back to back chapters of the Bible (Matthew 14 & 15). Both encounters pretty much started the same way, Jesus asking his disciples what they had and his disciples swiftly returning words back to him about how there was not enough. Mixed in between these two encounters we find the disciple Peter walking on water.

Feed The Five Thousand: What Actually Happened?

Feed The Five Thousand

Jesus had separated himself from the multitude after hearing word of John the Baptist’s death. He was then sought for by the multitudes who he then fellowshiped with. He healed their sick and fed them for good measure. While he gave his disciples the opportunity to feed the five thousand men, they did not take up his proposal. While you can clearly see from the text, Jesus said things such as “They need not depart; give ye them to eat.” It was only when his disciples declined that he said the following… “Bring them hither to me.” (Matthew 14:15-18). After this Jesus immediately tells his disciples to leave and this encounter is over. When I first read this text years ago, I missed many things and I probably still miss things today, this is the greatness of the Bible.

Conclusion of operation feed the five thousand?

Five thousand men were fed (not including women and children, this figure could easily be doubled). A number of people were healed which is not known and 12 baskets full of food were taken away.

Matthew 15 – Feed the five thousand – Feed the four thousand…

Next chapter (maybe not the same day or the next day) we see a similar situation unfolding. Perhaps why I missed this in my early years of being a born again believer. Jesus Is in the mountains and people come to him, just like in chapter 14, where we saw him feed the five thousand. He also again healed these sick people and again had compassion on the multitude. His disciples not remembering the other occurrence again doubt and wonder how these men will be fed. Jesus asked “How many loaves have ye?” They told him and then just like before, he urged for them to be sat down. Just like when Jesus fed the five thousand he again break, gave thanks to God and distributed it out to the thousands. This time seven baskets full remained after and they all departed their ways.

Such a similar situation with similar outcomes, both situations I believe Jesus wanted his disciples to do something, instead of him needing to. Again this is four thousand men and not including women or children. This again could easily be doubled if not more. Jesus could have fed twenty thousand people between these two examples easily. The lesson I take from this scripture reading is Jesus telling me “You can do it – feed the five thousand.”

So can you…

Berean-like Believer

The past week has seen me going back to the beginning and relearning the creation. I found myself muddling up certain days and just guessing on occasions, what happened on day three, or what happened on day four. I wanted to be more sure of myself…I went back to the scriptures. When we want to develop, we have to put in the necessary effort, to receive the necessary results.I started to go through the first verses of the Bible and it started to become refreshed. On top of this refreshing, I was opened up to new truths. New things God had opened my understanding to. The reason I can learn more from things studied previously, is because God rewards people who are diligent towards him. Those who desire to search for the Gold, find the gold. Jesus said in Matthew six, we should search for the kingdom and all the righteousness that it entails, this would conclude with all other things being added to us that we need. Hebrews six concurring, God rewards those who seek him diligently. When the believer decides to search for His presence and desires relations, God is moved…God is moved by our faith.

Paul noted the Bereans as a people who were more noble than those in Thessalonica because they received the word, studied the word and then made there conclusions. We should know that we owe a duty to God, not be deceived so easily, this scripture shows that we should owe an obligation to ourselves also. You owe it to yourself to be better and learned in the scripture. If you feel this is beyond you, ask for help and God will grant you. Jesus said ask!

Last year I did some writing on the birth of Jesus and surrounding stories. It was a chance for me to share some of the insights I had from God. I once thought to myself, “let me take the story of Christmas, and biblicize it. I want to take the story and find where everything came from in the Bible.” The 25th, the presents, the tree (decked in jewellery), the three wise men and many other things we follow today. As I delved into my study, it started to become apparent that many of the stereotypical things Christmas brought about were not biblical. This may be a shock for you if you have never come across this, this may be another of the many times you’ve heard this, whatever the case, analyse the text.

Firstly, the scripture never tells us that there were three wise men, the scripture talks of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh but never says three men came. Go to Matthew 2 and read down as I make these claims, and remember don’t take my word for it or believe what I say alone, pick up the Bible and see for yourself.  If I came to your house with two friends, brought two gifts and you relayed the story to someone else, the hearers who went on to state two gifts were given from your visitors, would be a misjudgement for those to then say two friends came. The point I am making is simple, if we do not have facts we cant make assumption fact. However many wise men were present that is unknown, what we do know is that gifts were exchanged. The next thing I want to assess is the concept of giving gifts on the 25th December, these men did not see Jesus on the day of the Lord’s birth. Let me ask you a simple question, where was Jesus born? In a manger right? When you read Matthew 2 (verse 11), what is the first word that starts with h? This is not a manger. Adding to this point, by this verse Jesus had been described as a young child. As you keep on through the scripture, many references to young child occurs. Search what that phrase means in the Greek. Go to Luke 2, read the information given to us about the shepherds (verse 12), they were to find him in the manger. These men saw Jesus on his birth but the wise men did not.

To have a meeting with a king, then to travel to another city in the space of a few hours doesn’t make much sense. Reading Luke 2 and Matthew 2 simultaneously gives us good insight into what happened on Jesus’ birth. Finishing off this article, I want to close with the truth that no where mentions December 25th as the day the Lord was made flesh. This date when studied, highlights dates of false gods and other things like that but study for yourself.

Pick up your Bible and search out the scriptures daily!

Scriptures of interest: Matthew 2 – Wise men  Luke 2 – Shepherds  Jeremiah 10 – Tree decked in gold Acts 17 – The Berean.

Middle East Outlook – What is next for the Middle East?

This month has been a very interesting month in regards to power and authority in the Middle East. The battle in the Middle East and surrounding area is not a new one, although we have only recently started to see and hear of preventative action. We have seen dictators in the Middle East and the East in general ruling for many years – in many cases decades (all gone un-noticed, or at least unpublicized). Middle East Region 

The question one should ask themselves is why? Why are things now so bad in these places, when these things have been going on for years? I don’t think anyone can really answer this question and provide a reasonable solution as to why for many years these things were allowed to happen unchecked. This leads me to believe and I am sure many others that perhaps there are ulterior motives. Perhaps money, perhaps a previous deal has expired, I don’t know but anyone with reasonable sense should come to some sort of similar conclusions. What we need to remember is this is not the first outbreak in the Eastern world. We came across Egypt & Libya not long ago – both nations which were headed by dictators for longer than twenty years. These were men the Western world made deals with, invested in but are the same people who after some time, these agreements must have elapsed.

What Next For The Middle East?

I predict more and more after the likeness of Egypt & Libya, maybe things will go back to Africa, to places such as Zimbabwe but who knows? Syria seems to be a more trying situation than any of the other two countries above. Countries are more reluctant it seems to make a move. David Cameron’s government just told him no, Obama has looked like a man without power in the US And France seem to be back-pedalling. I did hear recently that it may be down to investments but I cannot speak too much about this because I have not looked into it as of yet.
What is definitely evident is the West are cleaning up dictators and I’m sure making hefty gains by doing so. The backlash is however that who is going to power in place of these dictators are people who seem like those they took out of power. Perhaps new deals have been made and the clock has restarted.

Time Will Tell.

Family Fellowship

The most important fellowship there is after self-fellowship is family fellowship. I think this is especially the case if you refer to families with young children. Young children need to be nurtured in the things of God. Ask yourself the question, what are the things your young children hear most in the day, is it the audio Bible or everyday TV? What are you talking about around your children, things of God or things of the flesh? These are things daily which shape your child’s growth.
As a minister, a minister’s first calling is to that of his household. No man can minister to the church, if he has not first ministered/ministering to his household. He is not even qualified to minister to the church, if he can’t rule his house properly. One of the ways he needs to rule is through education. Of his wife and of his children. Then when he can consistently do this and show that he can teach and order a family, he is able to give education to the bigger family which is the church.

Family fellowship is so vital, not just for the young children but for the adults. Never forget your place in structure. Adults need children and children need adults. When was the last time you played a Bible game, listened to preaching or merely read the Bible together with your family? If it wasn’t recently, there is a serious problem. Think of children like treasures, treasure given by God which are potentially corruptible. We can give God back his children in like manner as treasure, or we can allow the world to damage and corrupt our children and make them worthless. I feel more than indebted to God for my child due to the manner I had my child, and for this reason, I don’t want to allow my child to become worthless. I want to raise my daughter in the way I want her to become, teaching her to behave and act as a daughter of the King of Kings. I should raise and teach my daughter to be royalty.

Family fellowship is vital to me, even more so due to the fact I do not go to a church building. Fellowship with family and friends is essential. Bible teaching, praying, devotion, action, these are but a few things we need to learn and show to our children consistently. If we allow other things to take precedence and authority, we may lose our children forever.