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Be open to grow

What is on your mind? What do you spend your day thinking about? the days which become years and the years which become life, what are you thinking about? If you could see a pile of all the thoughts you’ve ever had, they were categorized and put on display, where do you think you would have the most stock? How many lazy thoughts have you dwelt on, which led to lazy actions, which leads to lazy beliefs and then through this and by this process, you now have a byproduct of a poor work ethic?

I have been really conscious of my mentality recently and I am thankful to God. I thank God I have been reading books which make me think deeply, this is the only thing I ask for from a book. I want to be productive in life, so I aim to surround myself with productive people, with productive things and then form/develop productive beliefs. I learned long ago, wanting something isn’t enough, doing something about it is enough. If you don’t know how to do something, learn how to and then learn how to be consistent. I like to read the Bible and like anything you do, you can become complacent. Verses you read again may seem boring and may make you think there is nothing new to learn. I also know however there is new things which can be learned all the time from things you may have done previously, going over things is how you learn consistency. I tell myself to remain consistent and to remain open to learning new things. Just like the Bible, I read books and come across things I have read before or heard before. I do not tell myself noting new can be learned. I ask God to show me new things   I missed before and develop my thinking. Adding to this point about going over things, reaffirmation is also learning. If someone is painting a wall, they go over the wall several times and provide several coat layers.

I try to be open and look to grow and so can you…   

When is it really over?

Just because you wanted to make improvements but stopped, this doesn’t mean you can’t pick them up again. We do things and find things which are productive and easily let them go. While there is still light as Jesus stated in his example about when to do work, there is still opportunity to pick up good habits. As long as you still alive.

When Jesus Said you could move mountains

Life is what you make it! 

I started like this for the following reason, for the past two days the same thing has happened to me and the same ending has been the result. I started off my tasks bad and came back to end in a very good position. The difference is, I have continued to stay positive, kept the faith and it is paying off. When Jesus Said we could move mountains with a teeny weeny bit of faith, I believe most people believe it was a buzz statement. To some degree I did so too. When I started testing it out and tried to believe for things, things definitely changed.

God is not some backstreet drug dealer promising you the best product on the market, neither is he the salesmen in the inner city, making millions a year by enticing people with deception. What God says, he does and he means. God can’t lie because it goes against his nature.

Move mountains…  

Dust off the dirt

The way to success is simple. It takes hard work and determination, it takes experience and it takes long-suffering. Being able to look adversity in the face and say I defeated you and I am still alive. This is what separates losers from winners. A loser will overreact in a situation, while a winner knows exactly what is going on and keeps moving forward. We live in a world where people and opportunity is unforgiving. We have to take what we want by force and this does not mean breaking the law.

Jesus described the Kingdom of God as something which should be fought for, something which should be taken by force. If you are not willing to fight for what is yours, there is no point. Give your all, and all means life included. Go to death for the cause as it means you really believe it. Let us take people who perceive themselves to be martyrs for a cause and take others lives, Although the action may be wrong, they are doing what they believe in their hearts to be right in most cases. 

I don’t condone violence on others illegitimately, I am one who always tries to strive for perfection. Set your sights on the best and expect nothing less. Be a person who has a vision and then start to live your vision. Taste it, feel it, grab onto it and it will come unto you. This blog is nearly two years in the making and I remember before I even wrote one blog post, I could see something. When I got there, I looked even further and continue to do so. A vision is real because you have experience it.


Dream Big… 

Morning visitation

Today’s an update with several testimonies. I wake up and my alarm hasn’t gone off. God has a sense of humor, he wakes me up before my alarm goes off in the morning. I kind of knew what time it was so I relaxed. In my mind I was ready to stay in bed. I told myself “Yep, today I’m not going in” God said to me Get up an go…reluctantly I wiped the wax away and jumped in the shower.

Things were different this morning as no-one was awake with me, I was alone – it was seeming to me like the right thing to do was sleep. (I chose not…).

Fast forward thirty minutes and I’m leaving my house with a new lease of energy. I felt like smiling as I threw down the banana for breaky.

I start walking to the bus stop and I see my bus at the top of the road, I’m not concerned just anticipating what’s going to happen. To a common person I would have missed it. The bus is approaching but I need to enter the shop. I start speaking “bus you are going to wait for me in the name of Jesus…” I approach the shop and two women are coming out, I could easily have fought my way through but my mind said this is out of character, wait for them to leave. As they left they thanked me and I was reminded of why you do these things. By this one the bus was at the stop and I was still in the shop. I walked out and as I walked to the bus I saw the driver there relaxed waiting for something…He was waiting for me (consciously or subconsciously he was there waiting for the start passenger.)

We were given dominion years ago and it’s past time of saying its time to walk I’m the dominion.

God bless & Adyour