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Middle East Outlook – What is next for the Middle East?

This month has been a very interesting month in regards to power and authority in the Middle East. The battle in the Middle East and surrounding area is not a new one, although we have only recently started to see and hear of preventative action. We have seen dictators in the Middle East and the East in general ruling for many years – in many cases decades (all gone un-noticed, or at least unpublicized). Middle East Region 

The question one should ask themselves is why? Why are things now so bad in these places, when these things have been going on for years? I don’t think anyone can really answer this question and provide a reasonable solution as to why for many years these things were allowed to happen unchecked. This leads me to believe and I am sure many others that perhaps there are ulterior motives. Perhaps money, perhaps a previous deal has expired, I don’t know but anyone with reasonable sense should come to some sort of similar conclusions. What we need to remember is this is not the first outbreak in the Eastern world. We came across Egypt & Libya not long ago – both nations which were headed by dictators for longer than twenty years. These were men the Western world made deals with, invested in but are the same people who after some time, these agreements must have elapsed.

What Next For The Middle East?

I predict more and more after the likeness of Egypt & Libya, maybe things will go back to Africa, to places such as Zimbabwe but who knows? Syria seems to be a more trying situation than any of the other two countries above. Countries are more reluctant it seems to make a move. David Cameron’s government just told him no, Obama has looked like a man without power in the US And France seem to be back-pedalling. I did hear recently that it may be down to investments but I cannot speak too much about this because I have not looked into it as of yet.
What is definitely evident is the West are cleaning up dictators and I’m sure making hefty gains by doing so. The backlash is however that who is going to power in place of these dictators are people who seem like those they took out of power. Perhaps new deals have been made and the clock has restarted.

Time Will Tell.

How To Start A Business

In today’s daily tip we are going to look at starting a business. I will discuss six simple things which can have you setup in no time whatsoever. Some people may have done or know these three things already and it just comes down to action. Many of you want to start businesses but think it is much harder than it really is. I am here to tell you (having multiple businesses) starting a business is really easy. For those of you who rely on one stream of income, a side business may be the way forward for you. It will obviously give you more cash and allow you to lighten the load and dependence on your one stream.

Time is not a valid excuse, the majority of the long-hour-working-force spend a maximum of 40 hours a week working their job, there are still 128 hours in the week to do work. You spend less than a 1/3 of your weekly time working on someone else’s dream, spend at least 40 hours (At Least) working on your own dream.
Money is not an excuse because you don’t need that much money to start many businesses. I have started a business which cost me less than £100 so don’t use money as an excuse. Which also confounds this is the fact that most people go out a few times a week and spend £100-£200 easily over the weekend on leisure, that can be as much as £800 a month or as low as £400 a month. This is more than enough to start a business and be running sufficiently, it really comes down to your creativity. You may feel the figures are huge and you could never do that, start adding up and you may shock yourself.

So let us start with the three things I spoke about earlier. How to start a business?

1. You need a product or service

Either you will be selling a product to someone or selling a service, if you can’t think of anything, sell yourself which is free to do. I’m not talking about anything X-rated. You can teach people something you know, you could write, read, speak etc. At a bare minimum you can sell yourself and you come free of charge. You can however charge as much as you please for your services. There are loads of products out their, if you do not want to be original, there is no harm in buying a product and selling it on.

2. You need customers

Customers are what keep the business running, you could call it demand, which comes mainly in the form of customers. We all have friends, family and people who trust us. If you are doing something worthwhile and not just for gain, they will gladly invest in your business, tell others and the chain of marketing is underway. The problem you are solving with your service or product should attract people in itself. Customers are all over the world, there are seven billion of them out there.

3. How are you getting paid?

Are your customers paying you in cash or do you need card payments? If someone is taking cash, you need a physical person to take it in many cases, with a payment gateway online, you don’t need anyone to take money, it is automatic. This also means your shop is open 24/7 and open to the whole world.

If you can sort these three things out, you are ready and are a business. It is simple, your business solution is simple. It was Socrates who said “The correct solution to any problem is usually the simple solution.” Things are usually simpler than we make them but we never find out until we start taking action. You wanted to know how to start a business, I have shown you the three steps/three things needed, now go and start.

Tomorrow I will give you three more insights into business. Lookout for it early… 

Back to the work week…

How many of you are going back to work today? What was you doing yesterday? Do you know those of you starting work for the week today are one day late? You’re one day behind. That is mistake #1. How many people start work for the week on Monday, are one day behind, and complain about the work they are doing? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – a definition of insanity. People will complain every Sunday night that work is going to start again on Monday, the jobs they hate but still do. Firstly they are already behind in the work week because the week starts on Sunday. Not only are you late to start work, you complain about the situation you are in. Why not do something different and then expect a different result?

For those of you who have excuses, you need the money…Start something on the side, alongside and start building little bits of money gradually. Start another stream of income alongside. Soon you will be making as much money as your work. If this is hard work and that is the excuse you are going to use, then keep doing the same thing, and expect different results. NEWSFLASH, they are not going to come.

Repetition becomes your norm, it is hard to stop doing something which is consistently done for years. If you don’t like what you do, I would advise you to stop, many wont, so doing something on the side is starting them on the journey. Speaking on the creation of wealth  George S Clason said the following “The hungrier one becomes the clearer one’s mind works, also the more sensitive one becomes to the odors of food” If you was to quit your job, you would become hungry to succeed. You no longer have the guaranteed money coming in, you now have to make it. For those of you who eat just enough to be ok for the next month, you won’t last for long. Imagine eating the same food but getting bigger, eventually you are going to outgrow. The more you work on yourself, the more sustainable you will be.

People hype up over working a 40 hour work week, that doesn’t mean anything to me, they are not even working 33% of the week. There are 168 hours a week and people boast for working 40 hours. That is the majority of the populations peak performance in the world. What do you think the most successful people in the world are doing for those 168 hours every week?

Do you really want to be wealthy?

Let’s start with the question, do you really want to be wealthy? The answer is yes, if not, x this page and don’t waste your time reading it. Next question, What are you doing to become wealthy? List five things you are doing to be wealthy.


The thing I have realised about people and wealth is that they don’t do things which are needed to be wealthy. This applies to anything in life! Writing in his book The richest man in Babylon, George S. Clason said the following covering wealth “you have either failed to learn the laws that govern the building of wealth, or else you do not observe them.” It is not rocket science, it is either you’re unlearned in the laws of wealth or you don’t observe them. Which one is it? There is one thing to do in both categories, do you know what it is? It is action! If you are unlearned, then what do you do? Find wealthy people, don’t tell me you can’t connect with wealthy people, buy their books, listen to their audio’s, read their articles. We are in the year 2013 but people act as if they’re in the stone age when it comes to connecting. Follow these people on social media. I was thinking recently about some people who resent wealthy people and talk bad about them. Those of you who do this, how will you learn to be wealthy if you don’t respect what they do? I may not agree with certain people or organisations but I can respect what they have achieved or what they are doing. YOU WILL NOT LEARN FROM THOSE YOU HATE, unless you are willing to put those emotions aside. 

If you are not observing the laws of wealth, simply put, start obeying them. Stop spending money which extremely exceeds your income. This is a plan destined to fail, you can only do this for so long. Put some of your money aside each pay-day because you need money on the side to provide stability and comfortability. Cut out useless expenses like take-out frequently in the week, change it to once a week or once a month. You will see a huge difference in the money going out. Spend less money on entertainment and more money on personal investment. It costs so much more less to invest in yourself than to invest in entertainment. Let me give you some personal examples. I read the Bible which was free, which gives me much wisdom and fulfilment. People spend much substance on alcohol and drugs and damage their body, use loads of money and gain temporal fulfilment at best. I spend a few pounds on books from time to time, which add millions to my mind and millions to my ideas, others spend thousands on cars and homes which they never get to own.

If you want wealth, what kind of environment do you need to be in? Simple again, a wealthy environment, but how many of us do this? Books on wealth are really cheap, less than £5 in many cases, most spend that in thirty minutes on a night out on a weekly basis. Many spend this much on a daily basis on tea and coffee, go one day without and start investing in your future. Let me tell you an interesting story about fish. 

“Placing fish in a different environment determines how big they become. They can be placed in small environments and never reach their full potential (even as adults) or be placed in big environments and flourish.”

How big do you want to become? I have fish and I have bought fish before, this story is true. You become as big as your environment is.

Don’t compare yourself to others

We live in a society today where everyone is looking over everybody else’s shoulder. This is a big do not! I remember one time I was in a room in which the position I placed myself, encouraged me to keep raising my head to look at who comes in the door. After some time I realised that I should move and stop looking at people coming in. Why? Every time I look up at someone else, I stop myself from growing in what I am doing. Imagine all the seconds I wasted watching other people, those seconds add up to minutes and minutes to hours. You watch TV all day and those hours add up. They are entertaining but what are they doing for the growth of your success? Every time you criticise someone else, those are criticisms for yourself you’re wasting on another. 

No one lives your life and you don’t live anyone else’s life, why compare? No one has had your personal struggles personally, no one has had your personal strife personally but you still find time to compare yourself to others. You’re not completely to blame because many of us are raised to compare oneself with peers. We learn this in schools, we learn this in the work place. pretty much everywhere we go, people are trying to compare us to A-Z. This is the first thing you need to do, realise you can only be the best you and no one else. secondly you need to stop comparing yourself with people your age or from your situation. Start comparing yourself against yourself. Look to be better than yourself every day and soon the better you will be much greater than you ever expected. If you put two times more effort than yesterday, your growth will grow exponentially. If you are doubling in effort, energy, investment in self, character, mentality, you will get to the point where what you are doing currently will be seen as nothing.

Start by waking up on time, set an alarm clock, even better is going to bed earlier than you have been in most cases. Your alarm is the backup not the foundation. Start planning your day, if not the day before, do it in the morning. Work through your plan every day and don’t start new work until you’ve completed previous tasks. Instead of listening to garbage all day, listen to something uplifting, something motivational, something educational.