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Future Projects

In order to walk down a road, one must know that this road will come to an end. I personally believe, the earlier one realises this, the easier it will become. This page is something which will be updated regularly, as my projects come to an end and I move on to the next thing God has placed on my heart.

I want to outline the project I’m working on, the time I intend to finish by and anything I may decide to comment on during the process. I want to do this, for some sort of accountability to be in your hands. The fact is, I have more than a blog to work on. This allows those of you who follow my work to be updated frequently about plans, it also allows you to question my progression, while also giving me words of encouragement if you think that is needed. below in green is what projects I will be working on.

Israel is currently in the process of…



– Finish the current book I’m writing
– Putting together a daily devotional for the people
– working on reading more scriptures




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