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Walk in the Spirit

Author – Israel Ikhinmwin

ISBN – 9781456772147

Pages – 144


Walk in the Spirit is more than 144 pages to me, just like the Bible is more to me than the paper it is written on. To build a relationship with someone means to spend time and effort to build familiarity. My book aims to take the reader to a point of realisation and then propel them into their walk with Christ. I believe I focus on some of the most sought after topics regarding the Spirit of God, which most people have questions needing answers. I inserted many practical examples as well as many tangible sources from the Bible to back up what I believe. I believe my writing style portrays that of one who aims to challenge the reader to ask questions while also answering some of the questions which are bound to arise. I do not claim to know everything or to have everything in the book as I also state in the book but I do understand that Walk in the Spirit is really educative. My book continually points to God’s word which is the aim. So as well as purchasing this book, pick up the Bible and form a relationship with your maker… God bless

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