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Pride kills daily

Today I was meditating and thought about pride. Pride isn’t obligatory, neither is it powerful against God’s will, we choose to allow pride (one way or another) to infiltrate us and lead us. At the name of power, all things weaker are subject. Pride is another mountain, a mountain we can speak to, rebuke and keep down trodden if we desire.

Peter was the leader of the church and he walked into an anointing, an anointing any of us can freely walk into if we please. Peter’s shadow was enough for some and question yourself, how could he remain so grounded? An unlearned fish catcher was portraying power which exceeded the rulers of the day. The Bible says in weaknesses God is made strong. These are the men which counted themselves worthy to be beaten for our Lord. They gloried in the fact they were found faithful. Peter wanted more it’s simple. Learning to always be better is something a Christian or whoever professes to be a believer in Christ should strive for…to keep running the race and trying harder each day.

Fasting key #5

Fasting helps us wait on God

Paul, after having his Damascus road experience went and waited by commandment of Jesus, for a man he would send (Acts 9). During this time Paul ate no food, nor consumed any drink. Paul didn’t seem to be contentious at this point, neither did he seem to worry himself with things which were not substantially important at this time. Paul was concerned about drawing closer to God and waiting for him to act. The new life he was going to lead was far more important than temporal experience. Try working during a day, not being concerned with food and drink and see what God does for you (Matthew 6). There are points in life, I feel weary or somewhat similar and feeling and I just remind myself “God knows.” anything we think God has seen it already. God knows we need food and drink because he created us this way. To think otherwise would be perhaps immature and unbelieving on our part. An individual does not even need to indicate to God he is hungry as God prepares for us at times before we even suggest things.

Fasting key#1
Fasting key#2
Fasting key#3
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Key to fasting #2

Fasting is for God alone

Many times in life I’ve been told to fast and not felt to in my heart and just gone through the motion, this isn’t  something we should dabble in. If your heart is not in a fast don’t waste your time, more importantly God is not pleased with it. You do not fast for people but fasting is for God, fasting is not more people’s smiles or for people to know that you’ve been fasting (its not a contest). In Matthew 6, as well as other things like prayer and alms, God shows us that fasting is an act for God and not for people. God even says that he would bless openly for our secret act. The early chapters in Matthew 6 highlight a personal relationship with I AM. Don’t let people tell you you can fast without fasting to God as such fasting is earthly. In Acts of the Apostles 23 we see how man bound themselves under a curse in order to kill Paul, it was accepted by those forty or so men that they placed a curse on themselves. These men must have subsequently died as they did not kill Paul. I close by saying Fast to God and no other.

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