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Be open to grow

What is on your mind? What do you spend your day thinking about? the days which become years and the years which become life, what are you thinking about? If you could see a pile of all the thoughts you’ve ever had, they were categorized and put on display, where do you think you would have the most stock? How many lazy thoughts have you dwelt on, which led to lazy actions, which leads to lazy beliefs and then through this and by this process, you now have a byproduct of a poor work ethic?

I have been really conscious of my mentality recently and I am thankful to God. I thank God I have been reading books which make me think deeply, this is the only thing I ask for from a book. I want to be productive in life, so I aim to surround myself with productive people, with productive things and then form/develop productive beliefs. I learned long ago, wanting something isn’t enough, doing something about it is enough. If you don’t know how to do something, learn how to and then learn how to be consistent. I like to read the Bible and like anything you do, you can become complacent. Verses you read again may seem boring and may make you think there is nothing new to learn. I also know however there is new things which can be learned all the time from things you may have done previously, going over things is how you learn consistency. I tell myself to remain consistent and to remain open to learning new things. Just like the Bible, I read books and come across things I have read before or heard before. I do not tell myself noting new can be learned. I ask God to show me new things   I missed before and develop my thinking. Adding to this point about going over things, reaffirmation is also learning. If someone is painting a wall, they go over the wall several times and provide several coat layers.

I try to be open and look to grow and so can you…   

With God all things are possible

With God all things are possible. Joseph was strengthened in Egypt because God was his maker. God kept Joseph in all he did because he was faithful to what he believed in. Even when Joseph was thrown in prison, God still favoured him and this result was Joseph being selected before others to be the captain of the prisons favourite inmate. These are situations people would look upon and think things are going bad. Not actually knowing that Joseph was kept safe and God was with him.

Jesus spoke about the strong man having to be bound before his house can be ransacked. Joseph was strong, so all the things which happened to him were not able to defeat him or spoil him. God gave us power to succeed, not to fail, and we fail because we do not take up the mantle most of the time. So many times in the past I allowed people to waste me and defeat me because I did not walk in the true power of Christ, our Lord and Saviour. The Bible says to as many as believed on him, to as many he gave power to become the Sons of God. What Jesus did was set something up which allowed us to execute in this realm whenever we pleased…How many of us actually use it though. When you feel strong and empowered you want to stay there, this is why I know many people are not tapping in to it.

Live in your vision

I was going over some things recently, looking at some stuff I’d done in the past previously, and things meant to come. It suddenly came to me…In order for someone to get to a place, there is a journey. This being said, after the journey is completed, there is more to come in most cases. Only by living in your vision, can you progress and continue to move forward. Living in your vision is the only way the vision will remain reality to you.

It is easy to forget what you desire to do if you never surround yourself with it. Once you are surrounded in it, the real nature of it comes back. I was recently talking with someone about the way people are enslaved today. This is because there is no vision, the Bible says without a vision the people perish…Where there is no vision, there is no life. People may not understand this, however the principle is very clear. When there is nothing to look to, how do you expect where you are currently to be exciting or productive?

Living in your vision keeps you challenging yourself daily to be better. The passion is still there and you are motivated about the steps you are walking into. True passion comes from doing what you know you need to, not doing something for someone else. Jesus could talk the talk about being a servant for the people because he knew he was destined to provide the ultimate service for the world. I know teachers who have limited themselves, just teaching in any capacity. I have seen friends who were gifted in sports/athletics let go of these ambitions for trivial things. How many times do you ask yourself, are you doing the right thing? How many times do you review what you have done/are doing and decide whether you’re actually doing what you need or are just settling. If you never make yourself accountable to something, you can easily lower your standards and soon you will be on the ground.

When Jesus Said you could move mountains

Life is what you make it! 

I started like this for the following reason, for the past two days the same thing has happened to me and the same ending has been the result. I started off my tasks bad and came back to end in a very good position. The difference is, I have continued to stay positive, kept the faith and it is paying off. When Jesus Said we could move mountains with a teeny weeny bit of faith, I believe most people believe it was a buzz statement. To some degree I did so too. When I started testing it out and tried to believe for things, things definitely changed.

God is not some backstreet drug dealer promising you the best product on the market, neither is he the salesmen in the inner city, making millions a year by enticing people with deception. What God says, he does and he means. God can’t lie because it goes against his nature.

Move mountains…  

God’s promises exceed all

How many times has God commanded and it not come to pass? I don’t mean your so called hopes, dreams or wishes. I don’t mean ambiguities or any thing such like, I mean raw, uncut, covenant-style promises. God never falters, God is always right. There have been times, I have been certain God had spoken to me and told me something, only to later find out I was wrong. God did speak yes, however what he said to me, I had maybe taken the wrong way, exaggerated or maybe even made up. A common feature I see much, taking God’s word and amplification, enhancement and embellishment.

God didn’t make much promises before, I am not sure he does now. He doesn’t need to because his word his power. Unlike today where we see much reaffirmation in unbelief, we did not really see this in times past. God’s promises are deep and when you realise them, there is only one thing to do – Cling to them!