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You Just Can’t Convince Me

And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

My daily morning reading had me reading a few verses from the Bible. The message here is simple. And It applies across many fields of life. Once I started reading this, I was immediately thinking about how the things we do stand the test of others. What Paul is writing about here is not talking to people in a way that convinces them. He referred to showing people! If I say something to you, you may take it one way. You may even believe what I am saying. What I do know however, is if I demonstrated to you, you would most likely be more believing. This is the simplicity of what Paul  is writing here.

Ask yourself an honest question now, how easy is it to convince you of something you believe in? If someone came to you today and delivered a mouth-watering presentation, refuting your most cherished belief. How would you react? The sad fact is many would waver and then perhaps stop believing. The route of this article comes to what you believe in and why you believe in it. I know people who believe because others do. Do you go to work every day because others have told you this is the right thing to do. Do you worship the God you believe in, or not worship because this is what you see? Have you never questioned those people who gave you these beliefs from childhood? If you haven’t, I strongly urge you to do so swiftly.

How much stock is invested in your every decision? Do you really make the decisions in your life or is someone else driving the car?


God of the future, for the present man

The best thing potentially about God is perhaps his omnipresent nature. This means he valuable to those who know him intimately. For someone needing foresight, he can prove very useful. For example, Genesis 31 begins with Jacob discussing how God had favoured him and given him much of the substance of Laban. He proceeds to tell the story of  how God by a dream instructed him of his blessings. This was something he knew before he even spoke to Laban about deciding his wages. God is past, present and future for us. He is whatever we need him to be. God instructed Jacob to pick the right cattle and he also told Jacob to go back to his homeland at the right time also. The present man Jacob was blessed with future awareness and this excelled him in his circumstance. I can testify of many times the god of the future has testified to me of things oncoming and how this gave me the opportunity to position myself in great stead.

We see these occurrences timely in the scripture and time and time again. The believer should also be able to testify of these things because God is just portraying his nature when he does so.

Moving on to another piece of text, lets use Joseph who was in prison as a case study. A few chapters on in Genesis 41, we see how from being in prison one day, the next he was the governor of the Egyptians. God had showed the people a dream and he was the only man found able to unlock the code from God. Everywhere but Egypt was famished and this made Egypt the place to be. People would come, increasing the demand for bread, meaning the price went up. Joseph, through God’s leading, positioned himself and the nation under his government in the best possible position. The God of the future helped the present man and took him from poverty and imprisonment, to wealth, respect and riches.

Jacob and his son Joseph both had intimate relationships with God and it was made known through there actions and their harvest.


With God all things are possible

With God all things are possible. Joseph was strengthened in Egypt because God was his maker. God kept Joseph in all he did because he was faithful to what he believed in. Even when Joseph was thrown in prison, God still favoured him and this result was Joseph being selected before others to be the captain of the prisons favourite inmate. These are situations people would look upon and think things are going bad. Not actually knowing that Joseph was kept safe and God was with him.

Jesus spoke about the strong man having to be bound before his house can be ransacked. Joseph was strong, so all the things which happened to him were not able to defeat him or spoil him. God gave us power to succeed, not to fail, and we fail because we do not take up the mantle most of the time. So many times in the past I allowed people to waste me and defeat me because I did not walk in the true power of Christ, our Lord and Saviour. The Bible says to as many as believed on him, to as many he gave power to become the Sons of God. What Jesus did was set something up which allowed us to execute in this realm whenever we pleased…How many of us actually use it though. When you feel strong and empowered you want to stay there, this is why I know many people are not tapping in to it.

The Three rules of Law…

Many years ago I was ignorant…I was young yes, but was not aware of some of the things I know now. Recently I was reading something in a book which described one of the laws I refer to. By doing so, it shows us that the first law is in fact present, due to the mere differentiation. The final rule is the biggest, best and most productive rule. 


The three rules are as followed…


  1. The poor
  2. The rich
  3. The righteous

Rule number one is the common rule, which we are told by the media, which we see in TV shows and we here on the radio. This is the rule we hear about the most because the poor cover the majority of the population. Most people are poor in one way or another. Poor people are conditioned stereotypically to continue in the same manners and principles. The poor rarely make it to be rich because it is hard for people to leave what they know best…

The second rule is rarely spoken of but once you come across it, you cannot deny it any longer. The rich are different from the poor so why would they follow the same rules? When you think of it like this, it all makes sense. This rule was highlighted to me recently in something I was reading. I have also written about these things before in my fact Vs. Opinion articles. A man was talking about how he had broken several rules and wound up detained abroad in a foreign country. Instead of facing the “COMMON” procedures, he was released from detention with no indictments and was also cleared through customs and checks without being searched. In the past I have been through airports and have been checked so what is the difference? At the time I was poor and was unknowing anyway so it made no difference. Society tells us that we need to be checked but this rich man walked through with ease. The fact that this person could do something most people couldn’t suggests and only points to one thing…There are different rules.Not surprisingly, they had just come off a 1st class fight.

The final rule is the righteous rule… This is the rule I live by. The righteous rule is no respector of person and allows anyone who desires to be there a place. You can choose to live life rich and be richer than those who dwell in rule 2, or you can be poor and dwell here. Whatever you decide you are accepted. It occurred to me however, the rich think they control the world but they don’t, the righteous do. Many of the righteous just don’t know it…You are given the education, the skills, the opportunity. All you have to do is make a decision to change.


God’s promises exceed all

How many times has God commanded and it not come to pass? I don’t mean your so called hopes, dreams or wishes. I don’t mean ambiguities or any thing such like, I mean raw, uncut, covenant-style promises. God never falters, God is always right. There have been times, I have been certain God had spoken to me and told me something, only to later find out I was wrong. God did speak yes, however what he said to me, I had maybe taken the wrong way, exaggerated or maybe even made up. A common feature I see much, taking God’s word and amplification, enhancement and embellishment.

God didn’t make much promises before, I am not sure he does now. He doesn’t need to because his word his power. Unlike today where we see much reaffirmation in unbelief, we did not really see this in times past. God’s promises are deep and when you realise them, there is only one thing to do – Cling to them!