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Where I Buy My Books And How

As you may or may not know, I like to read books frequently. I aim at a bare minimum to read one full book a month. From time to time I may add an additional eBook to go alongside. This keeps the mind ticking, it keeps me progressing to where I want to get to and finally is a high valued hobby of mine. I don’t just buy books from anywhere and I always look for the best deals. Time and time again I find that Amazon is the place to go to get my books (later in the article I will tell you how I buy from Amazon). amazon 

Usually once a month I go to Amazon and purchase the book I will read for a future month. I purchased a few books a few months back, So I am basically set for the rest of the year. Starting next year I may just buy 12 books in advance and have the reading set out already. What I would then do is purchase books also throughout the year and read them as I please. Some of you may be thinking by now Amazon isn’t nothing special, give me something new. For those of you thinking this way, we will now look at how I buy my books from Amazon. And I will use a few real life examples I have come across.

I have spoken in recent articles about how important recommendation is in today’s world. Many books I read have been recommended from others or by the books I have read. When I want to purchase a book I go to Amazon and search for the book. After finding the book (maybe one time I haven’t found the book). I click on the book and observe the price. What I then do if I haven’t checked reviews prior is read through reviews (good and bad). I want to see what people think about it. Some bad reviews may not be valid for me and vice versa with good reviews. After I have fully decided to buy the book, I immediately click on “USED.” No typo, yes the used section. And scout the price difference. What you will find is, usually the prices are dramatically different (remember I will show you real life examples below). I then look for the book which has a “Like new” or “Very good” next to it and this is my book. What you will find is these two types of descriptive books are just as good as the new copy you would have bought for sometimes 5x the price. You will begin to save loads of money and ultimately this is money you will pay for all your future books. Find my live examples below.

I purchased “The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J Stanley” earlier this year for £0.63. With postage it ended up less than £3.50. This was a hardcover book which was “Like new” and looked like it had never been touched when I opened the envelope. To purchase the book “New” would have cost me £15 upwards from Amazon. I could buy 5 copies basically for the price of this one new book. The four other books will be the next four months (think about it).

I bought “Today Matters – John C Maxwell” for £1.58. Including postage it came to less than £4.50. This again was hardcover format. What I saw on Amazon’s site when I checked for a new copy can’t be right. For a new copy of the book, it would cost over £30 to purchase it. These are just two examples and I have more like this. The point is, you could be saving loads of money.


The TV doesn’t need to be on

Daily Ministration

This article is in some senses a follow up, from my article a few days back entitled food for thought. I spoke about God channels on TV frequently, and how I felt their wasn’t much to watch these days. God network was my default when I felt nothing was on TV, or if I was trying to kill time. It sounds weird even writing that.

I’ve been thinking recently about how I would look hard and far for something to watch at times. I don’t know why I would ever get to the point where I would rather kill time waiting for a programme I’m watching later, than just go and do something else. Usually I’m not in front of the set that much, of recent however I have found myself watching more and more.

If its 2:00pm and I am planning to watch a programme at 8:00pm, it doesn’t mean one should stand in front of the TV set for the six leading hours. In those six hours, you may find something productive but more than likely it will be trivial TV, which may benefit in someway but is futile. These are the times in your life when you need to be strong enough to say those four words on screen…”Turn off the TV!!!”

I know from many years back what it feels like to be sucked into the TV! I can say this, whoever made the TV must have made a load of money, as it keeps many people away from what they are supposed to be doing. Think about hours of production? When I start to think about the large amount of articles I could have written every time I found myself bored of TV, It makes me wonder.

The sum of the matter is, to say no, more times than you say yes. To be productive is the key.

Think Production!!!