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We don’t all laugh to the same joke


Daily ministration

We all like to laugh in life, laughing is good for the body. it occurred to me however that we laugh at the same thing only sometimes. One man’s success is another’s laughter. By this I mean, have you ever heard someone was trying to do something and you just laughed? Have you ever told someone your plan and they replied with laughter? I want to ask one question, are you a comedian? If not comedians have the job of making people laugh. You should not really be concerned what makes another smile or laugh, especially if it comes to you telling them a plan.

Nehemiah had prayed earnestly on the behalf of Israel for redemption. God, through the king Artaxerxes gave Nehemiah room to manoeuvre back to his home land in Judah and start to rebuild. What we must remember is that the land lay desolate and not many would have thought something would have become of it (even Israel’s own people).  When we do things in lifer, there are always other people who  will not believe and mock you. When Nehemiah made the plan known people mocked and insulted.

 But it came to pass, that when Sanballat heard that we builded the wall, he was wroth, and took great indignation, and mocked the Jews. And he spake before his brethren and the army of Samaria, and said, What do these feeble Jews? will they fortify themselves? will they sacrifice? will they make an end in a day? will they revive the stones out of the heaps of the rubbish which are burned?

Whether someone accepts your work or rejects it, know that you are the one who is doing it.



Daily ministration

Matthew 17:20

Food for thought

Daily Ministration

For some years now I have realised how I have declined in my watching of God channels. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from watching or encourage anyone to watch. I am aware however that my article will leave you with a lasting effect. Why did I cut down? Their were a few reasons why I chose to. I found firstly that much of the shows were not really promoting complete biblical truth. A verse here, and a verse their, but it seemed the ultimate doctrine was contrary to the Bible (in my opinion anyway). Another reason was the fact  many of the people I like to listen to are not present on the networks.

By the beginning of the year, I had effectively boycotted the whole of the network. Whatever would come on God channels, I would not watch. A question then arose in my mind and I will ask you the same…What do you when garbage fills the God network? You take out the trash. Not everything on God channels are garbage what you do is, when you see something which is garbage, you change the channel and look for something else. It doesn’t mean that I say I’m not going to follow anything, you just look for something else. When you feel like the bin is getting full, you take out the trash not the whole bin. The same principle there applies here.

I’ve started watching shows here and their, good programmes I had watched in the past. Within a few moments of watching I could see the difference. Things I was battling with in life everyday were being combatted and the words I was hearing reassured me of my confidence in God. The things I have watched so far have reminded me why Faith is the most important thing in life. Believing God is who he is and that he rewards the diligent seekers.

A final thought I leave is this, there is more than one medium in which the God channels are projected. Some of the channels have radio stations which I listen to from time to time. Same network but different mode of output.

God Bless


Daily Ministration

Live, means to conduct oneself in a manner of consistency. When you live a certain way, it becomes apparent by onlookers what kind of lifestyle one leads. Ruth was not from the land of Israel, but she strove to be a worshipper of The Most High. When something unfolds, it is easy to look back retrospectively and decipher why things happened the way they did. A family moves away to another land, practically everyone dies and then one woman from another place comes back to the land. One would ask the question, why? It is clear to see however that Ruth was trying to live a life for God.
Throughout the first few chapters in the book of Ruth we become aware of Ruth’s relation and faith in Almighty God (Ruth 1:6, 14, 16, 17). This relationships is also in contrast to that of her sister in law Orpah (Ruth 1:15). By chapter two, Boaz testifies of the fact that he knew all the good work she had done for her mother in law, how she left mother, father and land (verse 11). Boaz also highlighted that her devotion to God was now very visible, it was becoming clear that her lifestyle portrayed someone who loved God (verse 12). This is what it means to live for God, living a lifestyle which reflects his splendour.

Example is something all believers should be. Ruth must have come to know God by someone’s example. Due to the fact her husband and other male members of the family had died, I believe it must have been Naomi’s example. The Bible talks about women drawing there husbands to God, Peter stated thatLikewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.” Added emphasis is mine, it does lead me to believe (although this specifically refers to married women) that Naomi’s example was what showed Ruth the ways of God. Ruth learned how to be a mother from Naomi, as well as a women of faith. Be an example.

Answer the question posed to you, at any given time of the day. Peter wrote “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” Phillip was ready to preach Jesus, and was ready to expound upon the scriptures of the Old Testament. When the question arose “Of whom speaketh the prophet this? of himself, or of some other man?” No script, no plan, just what he knew from his experience and life. You must always be ready to answer the question. So answer it, whether by actions or by word.

Protect what has been given to you, to the end of your days. God gave us what is known as the full armour of God. We are soldiers in a battle and every soldier needs his protection. God gives us the best weaponry and artillery to defeat the enemies. From Ephesians 6:13 onwards we can read of the various components which make up God’s armour. Protect the great gift of God.

LEAP for Christ


Daily Ministration

I want to teach you a lesson. Blessed are those who are hungry in spirit, for they will have the Kingdom of God. Those that mourn will be comforted, the meek of the Earth shall inherit it.  Those of you seeking righteousness will find it and be filled. You who are merciful will reap mercy, the pure hearted will perceive God. The children of God are peacemakers! If you’re persecuted for God’s sake the Kingdom of God is yours. If you are hated for Jesus’ sake you are blessed, and you should rejoice and be glad in him, as your reward in heaven is waiting.

I don’t know how many times in the Bible God encourages us to trust in him. I do know that, those who trust in God will be rewarded – in this life and the next. I frequently receive information about missions overseas. Places where its illegal to call oneself a Christian. Where you are arrested and tortured for leading people to Christ. It reminds me of the times spoken about and written about in the Bible. It made me start thinking, is it over there where the real Christians are, or is the world developing much faster in western society? I believe both have an element of truth. I heard of Muslim converts who were killed within a week of baptism. This startled me at first. I rejoiced however at the fact that they were accepting of Christ and had a space to repent and follow God. Whether you’re the labourer of the first hour or the last hour, you’re both labouring nonetheless (Matthew 20:1-14). Rejoice when someone comes into the vineyard with you, that’s one more pair of hands to share the load. Even if it be for  thirty minutes, that is still some sizeable amount of time for you to rejoice. 

People in the east are persecuted regularly and aggressively. Do you trust God to deliver you from any and everything? I’ve had visions about places God has in his heart for me to go. At times I’m fearful in thought about what may happen to me. God continually reiterates where he has taken me from, and where can take me to. Paul was willing to travel across the world, to both teach and be killed for the Gospel of Christ, how far are you willing to go? Are you willing to leave your front door? Have you left your bedroom, better so have you left your heart yet? Not all want to hear about Jesus, and many will kill and attack you for mention his name, but are you ready? Will you fight the good fight for God?