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The Daily Ministration


This whole concept is about serving the visitor, I was given the concept for this page some time back now but did not have a name I believed was inspired. One day while reading the Bible God made these two words stand out to me and I knew what it meant.

The Daily Ministration is something which will be an everyday occurrence (by God’s grace). It will be comprised of something educational and may include any of the topics below…

  1. Religion
  2. Politics
  3. Business
  4. Geography
  5. Sport
  6. Socialism
  7. History

                  The Daily Ministration is something which is aimed at causing the individual to think as they go about their day. It can be as small as one word, sentence, question or pages to read, however it turns out it will be something  spectacular.

There are two sides to service which are

  • Giving
  • Receiving

1. Giving…

A serving person

I have been called to give something to the people, which will benefit anyone who will take out some time to listen. People are still today thirsty for education but are running on empty cups. I am willing to fill the cup with Wisdom I have received in my life.

I will not only give wisdom but I will give time to ensure this is handled properly and with due care. I however am not the only giver here, YOU will give your time also by taking time out when you’re ready to see what I can offer you. This isn’t by force so it makes this a give-give relationship.

2. Receiving…

You will receive from this blog education, friendship, and many other benefits by visiting this blog whenever you like.

Don’t solely be the image above, be the one above this too. By sharing with others  what you find here and showing them this blog you not only receive but serve as well. If you was to be handed multitudes of £’s right now, I’m sure most would start calling friends and family round so that you could give them some too right? This is the same with anything we perceive to be good – we share. I Know you will.

God bless.


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