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What does your schedule look like?

Daily ministration

Recently I have been utilising my schedule, a schedule is something I rarely use. I will usually know  what I’m doing and aim to do it. A few days ago however, I decided to start using a schedule more often. By doing this, I created another avenue of accountability for myself, this obviously encourages me to act on what I have written down.

Technology is ever increasing, so its easy to sync these things with phones and ipads and all those kinds of things people have today. Today I want to ask you the question, what does your schedule look like? Are their many things placed in your schedule? Is there nothing but plain space in your schedule? How accurate is your success, by this I mean how much work in your schedule do you complete? When my alarms are ringing and I see theirs something I have to do, it makes me feel weird if I’m going to x it off and not complete it. This article is a product of my schedule, I didn’t particularly have something to write an article about but I was led to write about my schedule. By now, if you follow my blog and its articles, you will know I’m a person who likes to develop character and help others better themselves too.

May be short but I know effective. If you don’t already, utilise the technology we have today and start scheduling your days, more importantly, start doing.

God bless

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