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Watching the transition

You begin to read the Old Testament in the Bible and you start to discover how powerful Jesus is. You are then able to see how much He actually changed (even though the changes were so small). The book of Hebrews shows us how God had witnessed so many great people and him having a better plan, knew those coming under Christ’s’ reign and covenant would have a better promise and would seal those righteous of the past. The book of Hebrews does a good job differentiating between the two times and also puts you in remembrance of how powerful these people were. All this to show how great we have it now.

The level to which we are reliant on God has changed dramatically. This is not to say we don’t need God, far from it. The point I make now is, God sent his Son in order to break certain barriers which were present before. Now Jesus wanted to leave his followers with power, power which would rest on us if we allowed him to. Something which we could speak out and confess and see. This is like the Rod of God Moses carried around. He went to meet God with the rod he carried, and the Bible then starts referring to it as the Rod of  God later. We know it to be the mind of Christ, the Spirit which was leading Jesus. Jesus imparted this to as many as believed on his name. Now we can do so much through the Spirit, in the name of Jesus. We liken this to a tap with unlimited amount of flowing water, we are the only one’s who have the ability to affect the water-flow.

Prayers are now much different, although we search the same source for power. 


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